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About the project

This project was built in the summer of 2019, with the desire to make known, the power of self-education, and simple solutions to control your life. The power of controlling the mind and the emotions for a better life begins with the desire to change and then find out the solutions that today’s technology offers. What others use for isolation and deception, this project wants to make the paths for simple learning solutions, the improvement of life, the achievement of proposed goals and the realization of dreams. Every project starts with the first steps, and you can use these steps for your future. No matter what you want to start with, I’m sure you will want to go through all the stages not only out of curiosity but because it is possible. Even if this project is at the beginning, I already know where it will be over 6 months because it follows a simple plan development. And I know where it will be in a year because it has a clear path, desire to help.

About the owner

There is much to say but I will only refer to what is related to this project. Since I was 18, I became passionate about psychology and psychoanalysis, and as I learned more, I discovered the strength of the mind and the power to help others to discover simple solutions for what seemed to be for them a big problem.
I am a strong supporter of self-education and will not criticize the other educational systems but I am sure the future belongs to those who will educate themselves and will not stop for learning on a certain age. For me a day when I do not learn anything new, it’s a lost day and I’m doing it to become my best version of me, day after day, no matter what area I care about. I build this project not only for one year but for the rest of my life as part of future life and continue what we started many years before. With this project, no matter where you live, if you like to learn and give your knowledge to others for help, here you will have the simplest and most useful solutions to improve your life to motivate you, to learn how to organize, how to build a project, a business, a relationship, and especially how to control your life.


"As is our confidence, so is our capacity". William Hazlitt

Within this project we offer coaching, consulting and training sessions for various areas of life necessary for personal and professional development.

As a strong supporter of self-education, I am a great lover of books. Books that have value and can add value to life and deserve to be read at least once in their lives.

Most of what I can offer, I can do it in writing, and that in the blog you will find several different and useful categories from which you can learn directly from my experience