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What the coach means?

For the start, future clients need to understand what coaching means to no get wrong expectations. Over the last ten years, this profession has been changed to the meaning of everyone who practices it. Changes are so many and complicated that no one knows exactly what a coach does and what a coach really means.
A good coach empathizes with clients on a human level. In a trusted relationship, the client will succeed with the help of the coach to use own ideas for solving problems. To use own experience and potential to work what likes and live as wants. To use own genius to start a business and learn what must to know.
Thoughts and emotions control our lives and if we don’t control them, we can’t control our lives. Everything is at the mental level and all we have to do is train ourselves how to do this. A coach has no advice, no criticism, no influence.
Probably you ask how everything happens. This is the quality and experience of each coach. If you resonate mentally and emotionally with that coach, it’s probably your best solution to help for changes you want. A good coach doesn’t offer consulting in the coaching session. If has a field experience, will inform the client and provide separate consulting sessions. Never mix it.

Chris Vio Lazar

Life Coach

Life coaching is about personal life, that segment that we only discuss with close people. In the public environment we refer to generalities, but when we are in a family or friendly environment, we can open and discuss in detail. If you know what you want to change in your life, send me a message and schedule a discussion.

Life can be complicated when we lose control and can get in situations that seem without escape. Any personal problem has a solution but there are too many problems and you don’t know how to start?
I’ve made a system to guide you step by step to find out what the problem need priority.

available packages

3 packages example

We are unique and even if we know what we want to change or improve in our lives, we often do not realize that the real problem is another. These three packages are just example. Depending on needs, can be personalized.


10 sessions per month, 60 minutes per session.


20 sessions per month, 60 minutes per sessions or 10 sessions per month, 120 minutes per session.


30 sessions per month, 60 minutes per session. Can be programmed sessions of 120-180 minutes, to reduce the number of days.

Note: These packages are just examples that can be customized. There is no perfection, and because we are unique, each person has own rhythm. Some clients choose to work with a coach for one year, others prefer 2-3 months in a year. And others for the whole life.
I also reserve the right to refuse potential clients for various reasons that will be communicated, or according to my time.