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Payment methods for services

Payment methods

Only 3 systems will be accepted for payment. 2 physical transfer payment systems (cash), and 1 system for electronic transfer. For any money transfer, a commission will be charged and will be paid by the customer.

physical money transfer

1. MoneyGram - a global provider of innovative money transfer and payment services. Our services are available in 200 countries and territories. For some countries, even electronic transfer is possible but should be checked at this address: 2. Western Union - is similar to the first service. For some countries even electronic transfer is possible but should be checked at:

electronic money transfer

PayPal - You can send money to almost anyone with an email address, without sharing your financial information with the recipients. If you do not have an account, you can use paypal to pay by credit/debit card or bank acount.

Prices and offers

Payments will only be accepted under the conditions set for the requested services. Some service packages can benefit from discounts and will be communicated as offers. All prices are in US dollars, but other currencies such as Euro or Pound may be transferred. The conversion will be made at the international rate, euro-dollar or pound-dollar.

Frequently asked questions

Yes! All services provided by MasterMind-FreeForever are subject to terms and conditions similar to a framework contract. The client is advised to read carefully all the written points of the specified contract. Making payment confirms acceptance of all points in the contract.

All the information required to make the money transfer is sent by email after the customer confirms that has read all the contractual points specified for the service desires.

In both physical and electronic payments, 1-2 business days are required to make the transfer. After confirmation of payment, the client is notified by e-mail or the preferred communication method that can receive the desired service.

No! All appointments for Coaching, Consulting, or Training sessions will be settled after payment. Making payment confirms acceptance of contract terms.

No! Payment for the services offered can be made only 15 days before the start of the sessions, for a maximum of 30 days. If the client wants sessions for 3-6 or 12 months, must be set and paid only for one month, in each month. The contractual obligations will be renewed every month and will not exceed 30 days as the duration.

For other questions please use Contact Page